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We developed our Coffee Learning Center in Downtown Santa Cruz to give you the unique opportunity to learn about every aspect of coffee, from farming and sustainability to cupping.

The following is a list of classes that have been offered at the Coffee Learning Center:

No experience necessary! Learn how to taste coffee like a pro. "Cupping" is the method used by coffee professionals to evaluate coffee quality. Similar to a wine tasting, in this fun, hands-on class we will look at fragrance, aroma, flavor, body, acidity, and aftertaste (finish). We will talk about regional differences in coffee, the impact of different processing methods and answer any burning coffee questions you've been dying to ask an expert!

n this free informational presentation, Danny and Sarah will provide historical context for the formation of the AgroEco Coffee Initiative beginning with the "Coffee Crisis" c.2001. We will look at the environmental, social and economic impacts of conventional vs. sustainable coffee agriculture models as well as the roles that various alternative trade models have played in helping to build a more sustainable future for coffee farmers and consumers alike. Want to know what's really behind your cup of coffee? Join us to learn more!

Solubles concentration vs. solubles yield? Huh? No worries...in this class we will explore the science behind a great cup of coffee. Water quality, temperature, grind, turbulence, contact time--a lot goes in to crafting a truly excellent cup. Ever wonder why our coffee tastes so good? Wish you could make it taste that good at home? We'll let you in on the secret!

Cupping 101 is a great preparation for this class, but those with any previous experience or a willingness to throw themselves in head-first are also welcome! Cupping 201 begins with a tasting exercise designed to hone your attention and tune your senses to some of the common aromatics and flavors found in coffee. This exercise is followed by multiple blind cuppings that allow you to compare regional differences, roast degrees, and other variations in cup profile.

Please email clientservices@santacruzcoffee.com for information about upcoming classes and times.

Sarah de Sousa
Danny Fuentes
Roxanna Medeiros
Sterling Muth
Becky Robidart
Sasha Ushakoff
Jessica Imber