Ethiopian Gedeb Natural


Light Roast- Thick Body- Jasmine & Honey

In a naturally processed coffee, rather than washing the cherry off the bean, the producer removes the coffee cherry from the plant and allows it to dry in the sun, imparting distinct and well-regarded flavors to the coffee bean itself.

Our Ethiopian Gedeb Natural is a sweet and aromatic light roast coffee with flavor notes of jasmine, honey, and a cacao finish.

This coffee is sourced from METAD Agricultural Development. METAD is a third generation family owned business with a rich history that began after World War II when the Ethiopian Emperor awarded Muluemebet Emiru, the first African female pilot and family matriarch, with land in the country that has become the Hambela Coffee Estate. METAD has strengthened the local community with employment opportunities including a workforce that is over 70% women, educational opportunities,and healthcare for employees. METAD has partnered with Grounds for Health in Ethiopia to implement a successful cervical cancer screening program for women within the coffee growing communities. Quality cerficiations and premiums have helped METAD build roads and community centers.