Aptosia Blend ~16 oz.


Fair Trade Certified™ Certified Organic 16oz Valve Bag
Full City & Dark roasts • Full body • Nutty and Smoky

Through a partnership with Aptosia and Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Co., one dollar of every bag purchased will be donated to the Live Like Coco foundation. Live Like Coco is a non-profit organization helping kids in the Santa Cruz County area grow up healthy and with opportunities to pursue their dreams. The foundation is named and inspired by Coco Lazenby, a self-described "book lover, cat petter, and environmentalist," who was killed in a car accident in August 2015 at age 12. The foundation works in four areas that made a difference in her life: Literacy, nature, health, and funding for extra curricular activities. 

We're thankful for the opportunity to honor Coco's bright spirit and big heart, and work with our community at large. 

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