The Story of Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting

For over 40 years, Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting has been dedicated to achieving roasting perfection. Our small-batch roasting process is designed to bring out the finest subtleties from each of our premium quality coffee origins. We believe in establishing strong and lasting relationships with the growers worldwide who provide our coffee, with a firm emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Our motto is “quality coffee for quality life” - for coffee lovers as well as our farming partners.

When we first opened our doors in 1978, specialty coffee had not yet become a cultural phenomenon. At this time, the average coffee drinker asked only that their drink of choice was hot, caffeinated, and could be tolerated with milk and sugar. One of our early goals was to educate the public about the wonderful variety and subtle qualities that existed in the different coffees of the world. Soon after, we innovated the BrewBar®, which allowed our customers to enjoy the freshest, most optimally prepared cup of coffee available. Word quickly spread in Santa Cruz, and we soon developed a loyal following of discriminating coffee aficionados.

Ridin' to the Farm

When Transfair USA (now Fair Trade USA ) brought Fair Trade certification to the United States in the late nineties, we enthusiastically embraced the concept. Our co-founder, Colleen Crosby, became a vocal proponent for fair trade, educating the public about it's importance and actively encouraging other roasters to consider the merits of purchasing their coffee from Certified Fair Trade sources. For Colleen, who had witnessed the plight of the South American coffee farmers first-hand, promoting Fair Trade was as much about making a difference in the lives of others than it was about selling a product.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting, and are grateful for the opportunity to show you why coffee lovers appreciate the difference.