How to Brew Pour Over Coffee

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How to Brew Pour Over Coffee

Manual Drip Brewing is best done with a cone and a paper filter. We recommend an oversize cone with on outlet hole and a quality paper filter. Since time of water to coffee contact is critical in all brewing methods the “speed” of this extraction can vary with different cones (size, number of holes) and filter papers (some are faster than others). This method uses a fine or #5 grind, the mid-range to slightly finer on most grinders. Always use pure, clean-tasting water.

  1. Place fresh ground coffee in the cone and filter.
  2. Use water at about 195 to 205 degrees (boiling is 212 degrees)
  3. Pour should just wet the coffee retaining it in the bottom half of the cone.
  4. Drip out the first pour completely, letting the grinds bloom and swell.
  5. Repeat the same process, filling the cone about half way.
  6. Use a final pour to top off your cup. Keep the coffee in the bottom half of the cone during the process. A 16 oz cup made with 1/3 cup of ground coffee (approx. 32 grams) measure will take about 2.5 minutes and produce a wonderfully strong, aromatic coffee.

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